Getting To Know Each Other



Hello everyone my name is Joslyn from @joslynj_equestrian!

A passionate rider with an immense love for the equestrian lifestyle, I enjoy bringing equestrian inspired outfits to life both at the barn and in my everyday style. I use Instagram and blogging as a creative outlet to showcase my love for the amazing world of horses and to connect with fellow equine enthusiasts.

My horse Dolce is a National Showhorse (half Arabian, half Saddlebred) who was shown primarily as a Hunter Pleasure horse prior to me owning him.




Dolce showing under John Rennenberg of Rohara Arabians.

I have owned Dolce since 2015 and I can say with every ounce of me that he is my heart horse. We have taken on so many experiences together over these past years (most recently learning to jump) and as the days go by our bond as horse and rider only grows stronger. Not only is he an incredibly inquisitive horse and full of personality, he is a quick learner and very responsive. The trust and understanding that we have has allowed us to become a wonderful team and I look forward to taking on new challenges as our bond continues to grow!



Currently my husband Matt and I live in Baton Rouge, Louisiana along with Dolce and our pup Sophie. Our story began when we met in Colorado where I was studying Equine Science and Business at Colorado State University and Matt was pursuing an internship and a Masters degree. After college we moved to Rhode Island for several years, marrying in June of 2012 and then moved again to Louisiana where we both now work at Louisiana State University. I am so happy to call this life our own and excited for the adventures that it will continue to bring!




I have loved sharing some of my story with you and I hope that you have enjoyed getting to know me a little more! Stop by my Instagram @joslynj_equestrian for your daily dose of equestrian style, fashion and horse love. I’d love to get to know you more so feel free to message me any time!

Thanks for reading and happy riding!



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