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I grew up in a big family (2nd oldest of 8 children) and my mom was a huge advocate for natural and health conscious eating and living. Heading to the Health Nut Hut, Whole Foods and our local Farmers Market for various supplements, vitamins and foods were all part of our weekly norm. When shopping she always tried to reach for the items with the fewest ingredients that you couldn’t pronounce on the ingredients list. I definitely carried a lot of what she taught me about a healthy way of living into my adult life whether in my own shopping, or the shopping I do for my pets. I also feel better knowing that the things I am buying are good for both me and my pets!

Ok that was kind of a long intro but I hope it gives you a little information on why I love the products made by The Infused Equestrian so much! Not only are they safe to use on both you and your horse, they are clean, natural and free of toxins and chemicals. Made with 100% therapeutic essential oils and other natural plant based ingredients, these products smell incredible and and work beautifully! Let’s dive into specifics and why I love them so much!

Essential Oil Roller Blends



The Infused Equestrian Essential oil roller blends. I absolutely love these! My favorite roller blend is @ the in gate. This blend has worked in so many ways for me, specifically in stressful situations. I don’t enjoy public speaking and several times, before work presentations, I have used this essential oil blend and found myself much more calm and relaxed. Also for riding! If you have ever gotten stressed or worked up before entering the show ring or before taking a specifically challenging riding lesson then this is the blend for you! “Promoting confidence, focus and mental fortitude, this unique recipe infuses the rider before entering the ring”. I have also used these roller blends on Dolce! Last year we batted down the hatches before what weather forecasters said would be a particularly severe incoming hurricane. I applied this blend to Dolce’s chest and nostrils to give him some some additional comfort and calm with the approaching storm. We were incredibly blessed that the storm shifted west and it didn’t effect us as we initially expected but I loved that I had this option to help my boy be relax during that stressful time. And he absolutely LOVES the smell!

Check out how The Infused Equestrian is making a difference with the help of @ the in gate roller blend!

“With growing concerns of COVID-19, our front-line workers have discovered our @ The In Gate roller blend helps them overcome their stressful days. To help EVERYONE with their stress, anxiety, confidence and grounding during this time, please use promo code HEROES to save 50% off this amazing blend.”
Valid until 5/31/2020

Below you will see some of the other special uses that each of the roller blends offer for both horse and rider!

About the Blends

In Gate Roller Blend– An invigorating blend that can promote confidence, focus and mental fortitude, this unique recipe infuses the rider before entering the ring. The blend contains MCT Coconut oil and adds a proprietary mixture of Ylang Ylang, Cedar Wood, Bergamot essential oils. Packaged in a 10 ml glass roll-on bottle with stainless steel roller ball.

Recovery Roller Blend – A favorite blend…this wonderful and balanced roll on, is based with MCT Coconut oils and adds a therapeutic mixture of grade-A Wintergreen, Peppermint, Clove, Helichrysum helping the equestrian recover from aches and pains.

Hello Monday Roller Blend – This worldly blend is packed with “goodness” to rejuvenate body and mind. Made with grade-A, 100% pure essential oils, it provides you a boost/pick me up, confidence and alertness. The blend contains a handcrafted mixture of essential olis used to bring energy–including but not limited to; nutmeg, black pepper, rosemary and clove. This roller blend also uses MCT Coconut oil. Packaged in a 10 ml glass roll-on bottle with stainless steel roller ball.

O.M. G. (Oh My Girth) Roller Blend – This grade-A super blend can provide soothing relief you when you might have over indulged on junk food at the horse show. Our small batch, hand-crafted formula consists of MCT Coconut oil and just the right amounts of therapurtic essential oils, including; Tarragon, Ginger, Peppermint, Juniper, Fennel, Lemongrass, Anise, and Patchouli. Packaged in a 10 ml glass roll-on bottle with stainless steel roller ball.

shiny. A Mane and Tail Conditioner


I keep Dolce’s mane long a flowy and although neither his mane nor tail are very thick, they are both long and wavy and having a product that detangles and smooths is important to our grooming regimen. shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner does just that! His mane and tail look so beautiful with the help of this all natural nourishing and conditioning spray that helps smooth and strengthen his locks! I seriously swear by this spray!

shiny. A Mane & Tail Conditioner is an intensive conditioning treatment that supports healthy hair growth. Ditch the toxins and choose eight ounces of a healthy alternative for your horse. Our proprietary blend nourishes the the mane and tail and is easy to apply. Made with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. Contains: Coconut Oil, Vegetable Glycerin, Melaluca, Melaluca Quinquenervia, Rosemary, Cedarwood and Clove.


swat. A Fly Spray



Raise your hand if you have ever dodged a cloud of fly spray when it drifts your way or gasped when you got a nasty mouthful of it when spraying your horse before a ride….yea, every one of us haha. We are all familiar with the toxic chemicals in traditional fly sprays and knowing that this products is free of them and can be used on both you and your horse definitely gives me peace of mind!

You can tell in these photos how interested Dolce is in this spray! I have NEVER smelled a more aromatic fly spray in my life. It smells absolutely amazing and Dolce loves it! He always wants to sniff the sprayer when I apply it and he definitely seems to enjoy any time I use it on him. This product is another one of our favorites and does a great job keeping the bugs at bay! Check out the awesome list of ingredients below!

swat. A Fly Spray is a proprietary blend proven to keep bugs and insects off you and your horse. It’s a great alternative to toxic sprays. DEET free and all natural. The plant based formula works really well and smells great too. Use it anytime you or your horse are outdoors. It can also be used when you are in the garden, cutting the grass or sitting ring side.

Each essential oil repels different bugs —
Citronella (mosquitoes, biting flies, no-see-ums and gnats)
Cinnamon (ants and wasps)
Peppermint (ants and mosquitoes)
Lemon (flies)
Lemongrass (mosquitoes)
Rosemary (flies and mosquitoes)
Myrtle (flies and mosquitoes)
Eucalyptus (all stinging and biting bugs)
Tea Tree (fleas, mosquitoes and biting insects)

Get yourself a toxin free solution this season and skip the ingredients you can’t pronounce.


pure. A Bit Wipe



We all know how grimy and slimy your horse’s bit can get and these all natural wipes that are made with 100% pure therapeutic, grade-A essential oils and zero toxins are the perfect way to remove the grime, leaving a clean and shiny bit with a pleasant taste for your horse! “Your horse will love the taste of purity!” and wow, I’m telling you, this is the perfect way to clean your bit. Dolce was definitely a fan and so am I!

pure. A Bit Wipe Towelette – Ditch the harsh chemicals and choose a healthy alternative for your horse. Our proprietary blend cleans your bits with natural agents and zero toxins. Made with 100% pure therapeutic, grade-A essential oils. Your horse will love the taste of purity! Simply wipe the bit clean and let it air dry. Finally, something worthy of your horse’s mouth. Qty: 30 per container.

comfort. A Liniment



Let’s face it, we love to pamper our four legged beauties and comfort liniment is the perfect way to do just that! This all natural liniment aids in your horse’s recovery and helps sooth sore muscles. I love to apply it to Dolce’s back and legs after our rides and I also like to apply it before putting his Back on Track sheet on for additional support of  tight or sore muscles.

comfort. A Liniment – A natural and soothing eight ounce gel for your horse’s tired legs. Ditch the harsh chemicals with the weird names. Know what you’re putting on your horse. Our proprietary blend will aid recovery. Made with 100% pure therapeutic essential oils. Your horse will love the feeling and smell of purity!


I couldn’t be happier with these products from the straightforward and chic packaging to the amazing smell and quality ingredients that work. And I am thrilled that Dolce feels the same! He simply loves how wonderful they smell and is always interested when I pull them out. Happy horse, happy rider am I right??

To see videos of these products in action check out my story highlight Grooming & Care on my Instagram page!

Photos taken by @teamhwy @eyes_of_a_camera_

To learn more about The Infused Equestrian, meet their team and check out their amazing products, go to !



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