Foot Huggies Riding Boot Socks

When you think about riding outfits, it’s easy to disregard the importance of one very simple article of clothing… your socks! I’ve ridden in my share of sad, stretched out and worn out boot socks and let me tell you, when I received my first pair of Foot Huggies, my expectations for riding socks completely changed! How had I lived without these socks??!


They are so incredibly comfortable and well made with quite a few unique features making them my number one choice for riding socks.

Some of the key features of this sock include:
-Achilles tendon padding
-Coolmax perspiration wicking fabric
-Double knit padding on the inside of the calf
-Ankle, and arch support to keep your sock in place
-A well designed toe box with double knit padding that prevents any unsightly toe tears and eliminates bunching of excess fabric

Their newest line of socks are their ultra thin socks, shown above. Although not quite as thick as their original sock, they do not sacrifice your comfort in the least with their thinner design. The padding and support that this sock provides not only keeps it firmly in place, but also provides the utmost comfort for your heel, toes, arch and achilles’ tendon. The 70% moisture wicking COOLMAX(R) is a huge plus as well, keeping your feet comfortable and dry! And they can be customized! The beautiful Custom Swarovski Crystal Initial socks I am wearing below are so pretty and unique!!!

Additionally, @foothuggies_ridingboot_socks offers a slightly thicker version of these socks shown here in below in both the original Foot Huggies and the Hunter socks.

With Foot Huggies you can represent your riding style with style and whether you are a hunter, jumper, eventer, dressage rider, or just want to share your love for the equestrian lifestyle, they have a sock for you!

PC: @marycovingtonphotography

Check out there website at and for 15% off use code JoslynJ2019 !

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