Herd Of Zebras

Life can be an emotional roller coaster, full of twists and turns and ups and downs, where happiness can change to sadness in an instant. The trials and struggles that we face can often be accompanied by a fear of judgement and isolation making them not only difficult to bear but, even more difficult to share.

“Helping the Uncommon Heart Find Community”

By sharing her story of infertility, heartache and loss, Forest Franzoi, the founder of herd of Zebras, is helping to spread awareness and provide encouragement to others who may be struggling with their own heartaches in life.

Her brand Herd of Zebras promotes the idea that although we are all different, each having our own life struggles, we can be encouraged in the knowledge that a community exists where no matter what struggles you are facing, you are welcome, and you are loved.


“We all have our “stripes” and I know what it is like to have others define you based on the stripes you bear”
– Forest Franzoi

Herd of Zebras is making a difference in a big way by spreading empowerment and encouraging others to share their stories, opening up about the “scars” that have shaped their lives. These scars, like the stripes of a zebra, make each one one of us unique and different, and rather than letting our stripes define us, we should allow them to instead strengthen and unite us!

“The stripes might look like scars to some, but to us? They’re colorful stories transformed into stripes that deserve to be celebrated.”





So remember when you are going through a difficult time, there is a herd out there that has your back. Don’t be afraid to reach out, share your struggles and be ready to feel the love and support of your fellow equestrians. At a time where the movement to spread awareness and kindness continues to grow, supporting each other and sharing the love couldn’t be more important. So join the herd and gallop on, together we can help each other heal. ❤️





To learn more about Herd of Zebras check out their website below! 
Herd of Zebras

Looking for more inspiration? Read the inspiring stories featured on the
Herd of Zebras Blog !

Photos taken by Brittany Fresina (@fresinaphotography)


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2 thoughts on “Herd Of Zebras

  1. I have never heard of this awesome company before and I can’t wait to order my Herd of Zebras shirt – they have a perfect array of colors too!

    Thanks joslynequestrian!

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